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Customer Data Platform

Know Your Customer

Act on Customer Intent through Customer Data Platforming

Businesses need to know customers—understanding their behavior, preferences and intent—to be able to respond with relevant and personalized experiences. A customer data platform integrates 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, and online and offline data, in batch/real time so that business leaders across the enterprise can make more informed decisions and become customer-centric in their actions.


Why CDP?

A better lens on the customer

CDP has evolved from a noun to a verb. Through customer data platforming, businesses can centralize what they already know, and then gather and connect what they learn to achieve a unified, 360°view of the customer. Companies can use these insights to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

We help clients to develop CDPs that connect all relevant omnichannel information about the customer and urgently and accurately make the data accessible to inform other systems and stakeholders.

Meet the mandate

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) are being asked to increase customer acquisition 2-5 percent and lifetime value by 2-10 percent, while chief digital officers (CDOs) are expected to improve revenue, largely through more personalized ecommerce. However, there is nothing left to squeeze out of existing platforms if they remain isolated data silos.

CDP can help CMOs and CDOs improve customer intelligence by bridging the divide between ecommerce and marketing, systems of acquisition, systems of retention, data management platforms and customer relationship management systems.

Get off cookies, before they crumble

In the age of the platform, users’ rights need to be respected. Because of legislation, cloud and competition, marketers will no longer be able to rely on the rich customer data available through publicly traded, 3rd party tracking cookies. Enterprises must now become platforms themselves that bring experiences and systems together with data at the core.

Our Customer Data Platforming services are designed to create data-driven and data-capturing experiences, collecting that information and connecting it to help businesses understand—and act on—customers’ intent.

  • Big Data Engineering

    Big data is the lifeblood of effective business decisions. We help clients to collect, cleanse, store and aggregate 1st, 2nd and 3rd party customer data from ad impressions, e-commerce, clickstream, mobile, transactions, social and even from the internet of things.
  • Customer Identity Mapping

    Customer identity is the key to targeted, impactful marketing, but customers must trust that their data is secure and protected. We stitch together customer data both deterministically and probabilistically for different use cases, giving marketers what they need while building trust among customers.
  • Master Data Management

    Data straddles various applications and systems within a business, making it difficult to have a single version of the truth. Through master data management, we help companies to maintain customer, product, location and other data to enable a single cohesive view of each customer.
  • AI/ML Development Platform

    Every organization must become a technology organization to survive, and that involves adopting emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Our platform capabilities allow clients to build, test and deploy AI/ML models at scale and feed the outcomes to other tools and APIs.
  • Channel Integration

    Integrating channels—web, mobile, e-commerce ads and marketing—and layering in the outputs from the AI/ML engine can improve segmentation and personalization to drive better campaigns and customer activation.
  • Analytics and Reporting

    Data-driven insights are the only way to achieve a 360°view of the customer and key performance indicators. Through analytics and reporting, we help businesses to use insights to make informed decisions, predictions and determine the best path forward.

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