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How a Leading Global Auto Maker is Building One Platform to Fuel Customer-Centricity

Connecting all touchpoints across the customer journey for improved experience, sales and customer lifetime value.

One global platform provides customer data and insight into intent across the entire buyer journey to optimize the experience, media and incentive spend and ultimately generate demand and drive sales.


“Success lies in one-to-one customer engagement at scale enabled by technology and agile teams that are connected globally, but operate locally. A global platform provides the speed to find and execute efficiencies, build new products and services and ultimately continue to rise as a market leader.”

Arthur Sadoun

The imperative for change

The automotive industry is facing disruption on multiple fronts. Customer expectations of brands has changed as have their expectations for vehicle ownership. Amidst this environment, this leading global auto maker aims for one in every 12 utility vehicles sold globally to be one of their brands by 2020. To meet this goal, we designed and prototyped the blueprint for a global platform at scale to drive a data-driven customer experience across all touchpoints to generate demand and increase sales.

The transformative solution

The global platform facilitates the breakdown of siloes, leverages data and technology, drives accountability and enables teams along the entire sales funnel to react more quickly to buyer demands by arming them with real-time metrics and dashboards. We applied a reverse funnel approach, meaning we worked backwards, starting with the bottom of the funnel (a purchased vehicle), to predict the required media spend for an outcome-oriented model that resulted in significant efficiency gains. The platform was launched in two representative markets as a pilot, but once scaled globally, will allow global teams to roll out similar models within their local regions.

More specifically, to better understand and improve how marketing and sales contributed to overall sales, the auto maker decided to take a closer look at the sales funnel and marketing campaigns.

Demand model: A predictive sales funnel

The auto maker needed to predict the effectiveness of their sales funnel at each stage of the buyer journey, the current and future state of the business and the effect of direct and indirect factors on sales. We built advanced machine learning models to:

Dynamic creative: Personalized marketing campaigns

The auto maker needed to get into market faster and optimize creative along the way. We streamlined processes and collaboration, resulting in a reduction of the campaign workflow from campaign brief to go-live by 50% despite the richness of campaign variants and the added complexity of personalization. In Addition the insights-based campaigns and created targeted personas have driven efficiencies in:

Business Impact

The platform is not just a technology solution -- it presents a holistic approach to marketing and sales across people, process and technology. The auto maker is now able to optimize media and incentive spend together across the entire sales funnel, beyond just lead generation, to get an accurate prediction of business outcomes and recommendations on how to improve them.

Demand forecasting model results:

  • Delivered usable, reliable forecasts after just three months 
  • Advanced machine learning models are highly cost-efficient compared to traditional statistical forecasting models
  • Models are scalable—they are built on a modular basis so that additional inputs (like competitor incentives and sales) can be easily integrated to increase predication accuracy

Dynamic creative results:

  • 25% increase the digital lead conversion
  • 15% decrease in cost per digital lead
  • 15% decrease in digital cost per sale
  • Workflow from campaign brief to go-live has been shortened by 50% 
  • The changed perspective of the reverse funnel has surfaced additional opportunities to remove gaps in the customer journey and to further improve performance.
  • Gaps in the customer journey have been identified in the process, providing opportunities to further improve performance
Alyssa Altman
Alyssa Altman
Industry Lead, Transportation and Mobility - North America
Philip Beil
Philip Beil
Transportation & Mobility Lead, EMEA & APAC