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A person using the Oshawa Power app

Ontario Energy Board

How Oshawa Generated Responsible Energy Usage

To reduce strain on the power grid, we used data, gamification and the spirit of competition to inspire the people of Oshawa to use less—and less expensive—energy.


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The imperative for change

Today’s growing energy consumption puts a huge strain on the power grid. To address the stress, we helped the Ontario Energy Board shift from the inside, launching time-of-use pricing, which charges lower rates during off-peak hours as an incentive for customers to spread out their energy usage.

While the new pricing structure successfully reduced costs, people were still reluctant to change their longtime habits. So we set out to reach them in micro-moments, with the goal of small changes adding up to a four to six percent reduction in peak energy usage.

The transformative solution

We identified about 2,000 customers to participate in a pilot that makes analyzing energy usage fun. The pilot app we designed and developed helps them visualize their habits, identify actionable insights, compare their usage to their own history as well as the consumption of their neighbors and earn badges for a job well done. App alerts as well as texts keep customers tuned in to the importance of conscientious energy usage.

Oshawa Peak Power App

Screens from the app