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How NatWest Transformed its Product-Centric Brand to Customer-Centric

The transformed brand experience delivers 24-hour banking in your pocket


Since 1968, NatWest (part of the RBS Group) has led with great products and skilled channel management. While both capabilities have secured the bank’s market position, executives knew a superior customer experience would be necessary to sustain its leadership in the digital age.


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The imperative for change

NatWest collaborated with us to design an approach that would seamlessly integrate its digital strategy with a customer-centric framework to deliver on the customer brand promise of, “We are what we do.”

The transformative solution

We designed and deployed a new design framework, including a mobile banking solution to unite and extend NatWest’s brand and value proposition with that of its parent, RBS Group.

The intuitive, secure app helps customers manage their money—from checking their balance to making international payments. The new design is fully driven by user needs, equipping customers with easy-to-use tools to help them integrate the process of achieving their goals with the bank’s full portfolio of offerings.

High Customer Satisfaction

Behind the scenes, the customer experience is managed with advanced analytics to keep bank managers aware of the types of behavior that deliver high customer satisfaction. This analysis informs the bank’s continuous improvement strategies to assure it achieves its success metrics and key performance objectives.

Person holding a mobile device with the NatWest app

Business impact

The transformed brand experience delivers 24-hour banking in your pocket with security in the palm of your hand.



Winner of several awards including Best Banking App (British Bank Awards 2017),

FSTech (best use of technology in financial services), HERMES (best mobile),

Digiday (best interactive content) and LOVIES (web services and applications)

5 star
rating in the Apple App Store