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COVID-19 Solution: Direct-to-Consumer e-Commerce Capability for Consumer Products

Out-of-the-box capability allows consumer products companies to stand up a direct-to-consumer business in four weeks

What this solution does:

  • Out-of-the-box capability allows consumer products companies to stand up a direct-to-consumer business in four weeks
  • Enables the collection of consumer data in order to personalize the customer experience, build brand loyalty and improve products
  • Provides brands with control over the end-to-end experience, enhancing brand image


The COVID-19 crisis is increasing demand for certain consumer products as consumers are preparing for extended stays at home. Many consumers are turning to online ordering, inundating and overwhelming online marketplaces and grocery delivery services. Forty-seven percent of consumers say they are struggling to get household essentials, and many of them are looking to go direct-to-brand in hopes of bypassing retailers and third-parties.

As consumers seek out brands, they’ve been confronted by the lack of availability—the dreaded “out of stock”—and settling on non-preferred brands instead. Some consumer packaged goods companies are seeing increase in traffic across the category as well as traffic direct-to-brand. Consumers that traditionally rejected online ordering are now embracing it; China has seen a 54 percent increase in online shopping. Globally, 40 percent of consumers use online shopping subscriptions and another 36 percent said they would turn to subscriptions in the future. This presents a huge missed opportunity for brands without direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce capabilities. The brands that have managed to pivot quickly have taken advantage of the opportunity and are now changing the retail landscape.

For brands that are new to DTC, pivoting quickly comes with its own challenges from setup and fulfillment to operations and customer service. In response, Publicis Sapient has built an out-of-the-box capability to stand up a DTC business in four weeks via two platform options:

  1. Salesforce. The leading commerce cloud option for medium to large enterprises. This is a strategic option with future integrations with Salesforce Service and Marketing Cloud.
  2. Shopify. The leading rapid commerce storefront option with easy-to-configure payments, social channels and delivery options.


The scope of our capability includes:

Graphic showing the capabilities that Publicis Sapient's direct to consumer capability includes

Items in blue are in scope.


Here’s an example of what the end-to-end solution can look like:

Screenshots of direct to consumer customer facing interface

Direct-to-consumer e-commerce can meet consumer needs in the short-term, but it can also deliver several measurable benefits in the long-term for CP companies:

  • More control over how products are sold
  • Collection of rich customer data to develop better products and relationships
  • Enhance brand image via total brand immersion
  • Build loyalty by cultivating connections, intimacy and community
  • Improve new product trials and launches, offer wider assortment
  • Control, shape and personalize the end-to-end customer experience                    

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Scott Clarke
Scott Clarke
Vice President, Retail and Consumer Products, EMEA & APAC