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UK: The Energy Supply Market of the Future

The disruption of the energy market is in full swing. Today’s energy customer demands choice, affordability and trust. They expect providers to understand what they need. As some of the more established providers lag behind, more agile, digitally-driven players are emerging to turn up the heat.


Simon Harvey

Group Vice President, Utilities

Future of Utilities Report 2019

This report explains how energy providers can use new and enhanced relationships with their customers to capitalize on the unprecedented changes ahead. It also highlights some surprising findings.

It’s time for utility companies to arm themselves with the tools they need for the future. By pairing the under-used customer insights they already have with a deep knowledge of the fast-moving market they’re operating in, they can create the strategies they need to solidify their position at the forefront of tomorrow’s energy ecosystem.

of energy industry staff believe that the major suppliers need to step up their game if they want to remain dominant
agree that, if utilities fail to innovate, tech giants with stronger customer relationships (think Google and Apple) may become a more natural choice for the supply of energy
think energy supply will continue to see an influx of new entrants over the next five years, with 81% expecting small and medium-sized suppliers to continue taking market share from the biggest suppliers

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