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Rapid Response

A demo is worth 1,000 meetings. Rapid Response Teams (RRT) introduce a nimble way of working, testing and learning, led by blended-skills teams within Publicis Sapient. RRTs provide critical expertise and a prototype-first perspective for strategic clients.

Graphic showing opportunities for Rapid Response Teams.

The RRT is a new delivery vehicle we launched at the start of 2020 to quickly build and test high-quality prototypes. RRT projects last four weeks and are all about the first word in its name: rapid.

Image showing timeline of Rapid Response Teams: Week 1 -- Inspire, iterate and define. Week 2 -- Design Test and Develop. Week 3 -- Refine and Develop. Week 4 -- Develop, Deploy and Demo

This simple format has resulted in both surprise and delight, and we’re interested in seeing how it can evolve for our companies because it most easily:

  • Demonstrates the power of computationally driven experiences in Digital Business Transformation through rapid prototypes.
  • Embodies radical customer centricity by achieving not only our companies’ needs but delivers value faster to their customers.
  • Accelerates our growing Computational Design expertise in tandem with our dataful design skills to enable our companies to become more AI Ready.

What’s truly astounding about the outcome of an RRT is the ability to then scale the prototype to our full agile engineering workflow. That’s because the RRT isn’t just a flimsy, paper prototype. Instead, it results in a sturdy bridge between strategy and engineering so the jump to full-scale deployment is only weeks away, versus months or years.

From Post-its to Prototypes in under four weeks at Publicis Sapient.

From Post-its to Prototypes in under four weeks at Publicis Sapient.

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