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Identity Applied Platform

The cloud-native Identity Applied Platform (IAP) helps businesses make important decisions by finding patterns within industries and generating dynamic, real-time models.

Identity Applied Platform

Unlike traditional static models, IAP’s enterprise models incorporate data traditionally used for dynamic creative for invaluable customer identity insights. These data-driven graphs empower people to make smarter decisions about their business operations across industries and specifically in travel & hospitality, retail, transportation & mobility and consumer products.

Better room-block assignments in hospitality. Fewer returns in retail. Optimizing incentive offers in automotive. Improvements at every stage of the supply chain.

IAP was founded upon the belief that there is tremendous opportunity to enable the algorithmic enterprise: businesses that are strongly connected to their customers’ needs and desires.

“The Identity Applied Platform provides data scientists and strategist with the tools to leverage customer and prospect identity to enable machine learning outcomes,” Raymond Velez, global chief technology officer at Publicis Sapient.

The platform’s foundational technology is Epsilon PeopleCloud, which has world-class data that enables direct access to predictive-intent signals that are not available anywhere else. It enables clients to connect with people on an individual level.

People on a field of data

Publicis Sapient uses its deep technological and marketing resources to scale Epsilon PeopleCloud to identify important patterns within industries and generate predictive and actionable models.


“By connecting the identity graph with the enterprise graph, we are able to enable differentiated innovation and transformation for our clients. The platform’s pre-connection with the Epsilon PeopleCloud enables global models connected across markets,” Velez said.

Publicis Groupe is distinguished by its understanding of managing identity at an unparalleled scale.

IAP bridges customer knowledge and enterprise knowledge. Information about one influences and shapes strategy for the other. As well as being a platform, IAP is a framework for gathering and harnessing knowledge about clients.


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