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KnowHOW is a measurement framework that delivers an intuitive, visual dashboard to track key performance indicators (KPIs) across entire organizations transformation programs. It empowers teams with the knowledge of HOW work is progressing, areas of health, as well as achievement gaps and areas for improvement.



Extraordinarily useful for businesses implementing digital business transformation programs, it should be implemented as part of program startup, and used as a tool for continuous reflection and improvement.

Armin Mayrhofer, co-product owner of KnowHOW at Publicis Sapient, explained that this is really a scientific management tool for all the engagements we run. 

“As Peter Drucker said, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’ This is the measure part. We give our teams and clients the numbers and data so they can improve everything they do,” Mayrhofer said.

This KPI dashboard connects with all the different tools including Product Management, Design, Technical Quality, Agile Project Management, and Team Operations – and has a flexible architecture to capture engagement metrics and health for a program.  It consolidates the information in one place. By consolidating and visualizing the data, team members, program leaders and executives get a single source of truth and understanding of the program health.

“Teams working in different tools usually get different reports. KnowHOW combines all this data from different sources. Think of it like an octopus that pulls in data from everywhere and puts it in a central place,” Mayrhofer said.

The tool is open source. This means it will be free to use and clients can continue to evolve its code for their own needs.

Another benefit to this framework is that it can scale across multiple teams across an entire organization. In any given company, teams will work on projects that result in products that are parts of programs. It was specifically built to give better insight into the work within large structures, creating opportunities for gamification and benchmarking.

“KnowHow makes teams measure and align on a set of high bar Engineering and Agile KPIs and metrics, which generates the right behavior in both business and development teams,” Abhishek Rai, co-product owner of KnowHOW at Publicis Sapient. “It helps engineers, architects and project leaders to identify areas which require focus and intervention and fill gaps promptly.”

This easy-to-read, highly visual dashboard gives a bird’s-eye view of metrics from various perspectives, including engineering, infrastructure and program management.

By identifying disparities between a team’s shortcomings and aspirations, teams can come up with strategies and processes for closing those gaps. By meeting KPIs, various teams in large organizations can align themselves with the overriding goal of providing greater business value to customers.

“KnowHow helps identify areas which require focus and intervention, and brings rigor and structure for our teams and enable us to understand how we're progressing with a faster feedback loop,” Rai said.

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