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Research Products

Publicis Sapient has the Industry’s only dedicated fully integrated primary and secondary research capabilities.

Research Products

The Consumer & Business Intelligence Practice, an embedded unit of our broader strategy capability, is a team of qualitative and quantitative researchers with over 500 person-years of deep experience in conducting exploratory and design research on behalf of our clients globally.

Our global team consists of over 50 full-time professionals in our Consumer & Business Intelligence Practice, as well as in our general Strategy domain, who have expertise conducting and deeply analyzing research findings from ethnographic research. The team has proven expertise in ethnographic and other deep-structured contextual methods as well as the ability to execute globally in an agile fashion. Our primary research looks at the end-to-end journey of our clients’ customers.

Our Research Products address specific needs at all stages in the process of digital business transformation.

At Publicis Sapient, primary research and business and market intelligence are central to unlocking our purpose and creativity. They allow us to surface richer, deeper and more inspiring customer and business insights. They also provide robust, evidence-based perspectives and points of view. Ultimately, it’s about delivering better customer and business outcomes.

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We create foundational insights with quantitative & qualitative research and shape customer experiences with design research. We incorporate industry-standard surveys and secondary data into our analyses for more robust perspectives.

Our team looks at every project through a customer-experience, business and capability lens to make sure we identify pain points, expectations and needs throughout the customer journey and deliver the corresponding business solutions with the best-suited technologies.

“Research isn’t a thing. It’s a lot of different things that can be used in different contexts and scenarios.” – Francis Walton, director of research international at Publicis Sapient.
“Human needs, motivations and behaviors continue to evolve, they are not stagnant. Without research we would still design for the status quo and never truly innovate.” – Katharina Licht, director of research North America at Publicis Sapient.
“It’s important for research to be a part of the solution, not an option or an added service. At Publicis Sapient research is already a part of our DNA and our process.” – Rachel Thayer, director of research North America at Publicis Sapient.

Publicis Sapient offers 21 different Research Products in primary research and business & market intelligence, separated into four distinct categories: hunt, shape, incubate and build and scale. Different projects and activities require a different combination of the following:

Hunt – find big areas of opportunity

1.       Company and competitor profiles
2.       Latest-trends development
3.       Industry/geographic profiles
4.       Consumer snapshots
5.       Technology adoption patterns
6.       Benchmark experiences
7.       Explore current needs and experiences
8.       Segment and profile archetypes

Shape – identify experiences that will unlock new sources of value

1.       Test hypotheses and screen ideas
2.       Best-in-class examples
3.       Screen concepts and features
4.       Digital-experience assessment
5.       Consumer conversation analysis
6.       Shape and refine concepts
7.       Quantify the role of touchpoints
8.       Optimize designs and prioritize features
9.       Journey mapping and touchpoint understanding

Incubate – create desirable and effective solutions

1.       Validate the desirability of an MVP
2.       Test and refine value propositions

Build and scale – build desirable and effective solutions

1.       Test experiences and refine products
2.       Validate functionality and design

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